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    Sub Surface Scattering in DS by ~RawArt3d



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    Sub Surface Scattering in DS by ~RawArt3d

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:13 pm

    Sub Surface Scattering in DSby ~RawArt3d

    tutorial is located here

    1) Apply your diffuse colour (skin texture), but set it's strength to 70%.
    "70% ....but that means I will loose all my cool details"
    Don't worry.....we will add those details back me.

    2) Your specular and bump (or displacement) settings are set like normal.

    3) Turn on the velvet node, and set it's colour to a light pink.
    This will soften the light on your skin in the same way small body hairs would.

    4) In the subsurface colour section you will attach your original skin mat again (bringing back some of the details you lost previously). But set the base colour of this to a very light pink, this will bring in the pinkish tones that lay below our skin, caused by all the blood in our body.
    You will also have to add a SSS strength map to this, as some parts of the skin will be more affected by SSS than others.

    5) Turn on the translucency, and apply the same skin texture to the colour channel, but in this one, turn the base colour to a light grey tone. It helps keep the effect from getting over-saturated.
    This will also require that you apply your SSS strength map to control which areas receive the effect more than others.

    Hope this helps


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