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    saving a morph


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    saving a morph

    Post  SickenlySweete on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:43 pm

    The biggest problem is that your making morphs for a Poser figure and trying to save them in DS, which is something most try to avoid.

    If you plan on distributing the morph for others to use then it HAS to be in Poser format, and you only really have two choices on how to do that with DS.

    1) Get your morph into V4, then go “File > Export” and create a new Poser .CR2, your morph will be written into the file, then you use a program like Injection Pose Builder or Injection magic to strip your morph out of the CR2, it will then write it out as an Injection PZ2, which is what you distribute.

    2) You can do it all in DS if you wish, in DS4 Pro we have the EXP exporter, you can use it to either make an EXP based Injection PZ2, the morph channels work the same way as V4’s ie you need to run the BAT file to create the channels, or you can use it to create a normal Injection PZ2 which will use one of the Legacy channels.

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