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    ds4-create an INJ/REM morph!


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    ds4-create an INJ/REM morph!

    Post  SickenlySweete on Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:48 pm

    The definitive tutorial that helped me a lot with EXP Exporter is this one

    Highly recommend the read.

    Basically what I did was:

    1- Load the default V4.2 and export it as obj

    2- Load this obj file into Zbrush and modify the body, then export it as obj (new one)

    3- In DAZ, load Morph Loader Pro and load the new obj file created with Zbrush to use as a morph.

    4- Once the morph was added to the figure (slider at 0 according to the tutorial) I used the EXP Exporter as explained in the tutorial above.

    And that’s it!

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