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    Convert ANY V4 Long Dress to Genesis! (TUTORIAL)


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    Convert ANY V4 Long Dress to Genesis! (TUTORIAL)

    Post  SickenlySweete on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:07 pm

    Oh yes, it can be done folks! I’ve done it.


    DAZ Studio
    The Victoria 4 shape for Genesis
    The Morphing Fantasy Dress for Genesis

    First Step:

    LOAD the Victoria 4 Dress you wish to convert.

    EXPORT the Victoria 4 dress to Wavefront OBJ.

    Delete the dress, and Import the OBJ you just exported.

    Load Genesis.

    Apply the V4 shape to Genesis.

    Select the Dress OBJ and goto: EDIT/OBJECT/TRANSFER UTILITY

    A dialog box will appear

    The source (on the left) Scene Item will be GENESIS the source Item Shape will be CURRENT

    The TARGET (on the right) Your imported Dress Obj



    ENABLE: Add Smoothing Modifier

    Hit ACCEPT

    Now, your dress should look relatively clean, but may have a few folded polygons.

    IN your Parameters Tab (under General)

    Change Smoothing Type to: GENERIC (from Base Shape Matching)

    I always set the SMOOTHING ITERATIONS to 100 at this point. But you can experiment till you see the dress polygons look good enough.


    The dress wiill now assume the Genesis default shape.

    Export the dress AGAIN to OBJ.

    Delete your dress

    Import the NEW Dress OBJ

    Call up the Genesis Morphing Fantasy Dress

    Select your OBJ and go back to the Transfer Utility

    The Scene Item is the MFD, the shape is CURRENT and the Target is your NEW dress obj.

    applying a smoothing modifier is not necessary, but I do anyway.

    DO NOT CHECK “Reverse Source Shape from Target” as you did the last time.

    Hit accept.

    Delete the MFD

    Your dress SHOULD work now, and have no real issues other then the possible need to adjust the bones and the weight mapping.

    goto SAVE AS/SUPPORT ASSET/FIGURE/PROP ASSET (this is for any new TriAx Weightmapped Object you create)

    Save your dress

    You are done. You can call it back up now, fit it to Genesis, and with Genesis selected: Save as/Wearable Preset

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