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    The Content Management Service or "CMS"



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    The Content Management Service or "CMS"

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:39 pm

    What is the CMS? Why is it always on?
    The Content Management Service or "CMS" is a new way of tracking information about your content. This service replaces the Content Manager introduced in DAZ Studio 2, providing better performance and greatly enhanced functionality. The Content Management Service relies on a system of metadata that helps DAZ Studio interact more intelligently with content. This is referred to as "Smart Content". Smart content knows which other assets it is compatible with. This information is managed by the Content Management Service and then shared with DAZ Studio so that relevant content items are presented to the end-user.

    The CMS also allows content to be categorized, just as the Content Manager in DS3 did, without moving the files themselves. This allows the same content to appear in multiple categories, e.g. a pair of shoes might be categorized under "Shoes," "Goth," and the artist's name, allowing multiple ways to locate the content. Finally, the CMS allows you to search for content by name, regardless of its location in your file system, as long as the Content directory is configured and scanned.

    The Content Management Service is a stand-alone tool that will be resourced from within other DAZ 3D applications, like Carrara.

    In order to be available to more than one application, the CMS runs as a service on the end-user's machine. And because there is no way for a standard application to turn a service on or off, it runs continuously. There are shortcuts in the Start\DAZ3D\DAZ Content Management Service\ folder for Windows users to turn the service on and off, and similar options for MAC users are available in /Library/DAZ 3D/Content Management Service/utilities.

    The CMS uses 'port' functions similar to network functions to communicate with programs like DAZ Studio, but only within the local computer. Because of the way operating systems handle these port communications, you may need to adjust your firewall software to allow the CMS to connect to DAZ Studio. Not all firewalls will require any user action, as some are able to distinguish between local and external traffic.

    The Content Management Service does NOT connect to the internet and does NOT transfer any information from your local computer.

    We do not recommend using DAZ Studio without the CMS running as it may cause instability in the application, and will limit the user experience where Smart Content is displayed. If you turn the CMS off, and then wish to run DAZ Studio and take advantage of this tool, you will have to restart the CMS, as "Administrator", before launching DAZ Studio or DAZ Studio will not function properly.

    As long as the CMS hasn't been blocked by a firewall, and DAZ Studio is not launched, the CMS uses no CPU cycles. Further, regardless of what Task Manager is reporting, the CMS uses only about 40K of RAM. Your Task Manager may report a higher number though, as Windows may initially reserve a larger amount for the service, but will recover that RAM when the computer needs it. The CMS will also move to Virtual RAM and get out of the way in the same way as any other well behaved service when resources are needed so there is little need to turn it off, except for personal preference.

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