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    Dynamics and Genesis



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    Dynamics and Genesis

    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:38 pm

    If I try to to use Dynamic clothing with a Genesis, the clothing item just drops through the figure to the floor. I've tried everything I know to fix the issue. Has anyone else encounter this problem?

    the trick to get it to work is to select only the Genesis "root" and not the body parts in the "collide with" window.


    the key to it is to not do a static drape but to do an animated drape.

    The 30 second tutorial on that is:
    have a default T pose at frame zero
    create the pose/scene you want to work with at frame 30
    go back to frame 0 and load the dynamic outfit and place it over the T pose using the trans dials
    set your collision
    select animated drape
    and then hit drape and watch as it steps through each frame draping towards your desired pose.

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