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    Magick Mirror Tut-DazStudio



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    Magick Mirror Tut-DazStudio

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:05 pm

    Magick Mirror Tut
    by SickenlySweete
    How to use a mirror in daz studio tut
    what you need to start:
    1 mirror,1 character figure

    step1: camera front
    step2: load a mirror-make sure its zeroed-the edge of the frame toward you-the glass facing right
    (here ive used a free one from DreamPaint)
    step3: load what you want to be reflected in the mirror(your character)
    step4: move the mirror to the left of the character and then change to top camera-center the mirror to the character by moving it either forward or back
    (see images below)

    step5: now to make it a mirror reflection--select the mirror and add these settings to it
    (see images below)

    step6: pose your character and rotate it so it faces the mirror
    step 7:add lights
    step 8:camera perspective-rotate until you get the angle you wish to see
    (see image below)

    step9: render
    you now have a black mirror with your character mirrored in it you can now do step10 or move on to step 11
    step10: add more items to complete your scene
    step:11 i hate this mirror-- i want mine to look like the one in my bathroom sooo
    find a chrome reflection image that you like and add it to the diffuse and make it white
    and shadow to light grey
    (see image below)

    ok now i want the mirror to show that she is in a room so go back to front camera
    Step:12 add a wall to the right of the character
    here i have used the free chapel wall by DM
    rotate it so it is just like the mirror on the other side(sideview)
    (see image below)

    step:13 camera perspetive-move it till you get what you want to see
    and render
    see final image below

    ok now this is not quite what i want so.............
    back to front view--i rotated the wall -40 on the y axis and moved the mirror forward somemore , added a background image of a wall and now its back to step13 and render
    here is my final image now you can see the window behind her in the mirror

    see my final,final render,i changed the lights and added props to the wall area behind her...different lights will make a real difference in what you get..

    note: you can have a magick window this way as well just make the opacity see thru and
    use the windows image texture map instead of the chrome reflection map........
    forgot to add this little bit...........
    daz studio will only reflect something to the right of it.....that is why i set up this tut the way i did...
    mirror,character,wall w/props

    download this tut in pdf with full sized images here view/?5hncgzd06v10hj8

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    Re: Magick Mirror Tut-DazStudio

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:39 pm

    DS4 mirror settings-

    Diffuse: Color 192-192-192 (grey)
    Strength 0%
    Specular: Glossiness 99%
    Color: 255-255-255
    Strength 100%
    Multiply thru Opacity ON
    Ambient: Color 0-0-0 (black)
    Strength 100%
    Opacity: Strength 100%
    Reflection: Color 255-255-255
    Strength 100%
    Refraction: Color 255-255-255
    Strength 0%
    Index 0
    Lighting Model: Plastic(?)

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