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    how to make smart props for genesis



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    how to make smart props for genesis

    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:29 pm

    You can create Genesis smartprops in the .dsf format. If you do, they will not work in Poser (but since you plan this to be a Genesis item only, that shouldn't matter). I do this for accessories to my own products.

    Place your bracelet on the figure where you want it. Do not morph Genesis.

    Right click the bracelet and choose "change parent."

    In the dialog that pops up, choose Genesis' right hand or right forearm depending on how you want the bracelet to move. I'd go with the forearm. Choose "parent in place."

    Now if you drag the arm around to test it, it should move with the arm. Make sure to undo it if you do, because now it's time to save to library.

    Open your content library down to Genesis--Props. Right-click and choose "create a subfolder." Give this your name or the name of your product (some people use their name and then a subfolder with product name, some use just the product name).

    Now make sure your bracelet is selected and go to File--Save As--DS Figure or Prop File. This will let you generate data folders with your name/the product name and add categories. Save in the folder you created.

    Now delete your bracelet from the scene. Select Genesis. Load the new prop from library. It should smartprop to the forearm just like a Poser .pp2 would.

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