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    converted clothes with the morphs intact



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    converted clothes with the morphs intact

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:31 pm

    useful for dresses and shoes
    load item
    Cancel the AutoFit dialogue, if it appears (it appears only when the clothing is fitted to Genesis).

    Select the clothing and convert it to weight-mapping Edit > Figure > Rigging > Convert Figure to Weight Mapping for the TriAx.). Leave TriAx selected and click Accept.

    Next launch the Transfer utility (again, I think it's in the Edit menu but it's also in the Scene pane's option menu, in the Asset sub menu). As Source seelct Genesis, and for the Shape select Clone and then the figure the clothes were made for in the pop-up dialogue. For Target pick the converted clothes. Click the button to show extended options and check Reverse source shape from target. Optionally pick a template, as you would using AutoFit. Click Accept.

    That should give you converted clothes with the morphs intact.

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